Roland Egan Productions is a London-based theatre company, principally engaged in the production of the stage works of playwright Kieron Barry. Since
1998 the company has
produced or co-produced 25 shows in London, New York
and Edinburgh; over half o
f these have been Kieron Barry plays. The company
also controls the performing rights to these works.

Stockwell by Kieron Barry sold out its four-week run at the Landor Theatre in
2009. It transferred to the Tricycle Theatre, where it also sold out. The play was described by The Times in its five-star review as being 'more gripping than
anything else to be seen in the London theatre.' The London Paper claimed 'this devastating piece of theatre... will leave you bristling with anger, bewilderment
and emotion', while the Evening
Standard wrote that 'Kieron Barry's sharp, sleek script... attains the gripping, sickening momentum of a thriller.' The play was
also Critics' Choice in both Time Out
and The Guardian.

In 2009 Kieron Barry was nominated for the Charles Wintour Award for Most Promising Playwright at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards. He
was also made a Norman Mailer Fellow.

The musician, poet and Wycombe Wanderers centre-forward Roland Egan
(1918 - 2007) was Kieron Barry's grandfather. He formed the original Roland
Egan Productions as an entertainment troupe in a German prisoner-of-war
camp in the years following his
capture at Dunkirk in 1940.

A collection of Barry's plays was published in 2005. To buy the book click here.

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